Cases Cytogenetics Searcher

The Cases Cytogenetics Searcher finds all cases that match the chosen criteria, provides a link to the individual patient information and to the reference itself.
The Advanced Search option permits a more detailed search of the same individual patient with more cytogenetic field choices and adding search fields for patient characteristics and references.

On the search results, clicking the View Karyotype Details link displays gains and losses affecting the chromosomes and their genomic coordinates.
Clicking the View Overall Chromosomal Imbalances button, you can view the net imbalances in chromosomes for your search result, with charts and images.
See User Guide->About Genomic Imbalances in Cytogenetic Cases for more information.

Tips for this Searcher:
  • Check Yes in the Sole Abnormality field to view cases with only one aberration, irrespective of any other item selected.
  • The default setting for all select fields is All Items. Or you may select single or multiple items.
  • Clicking the icon will display a full list of terms available for the field.
Advanced Search
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Sole Abnormality