Mitelman Database Mitelman Database

The information in the Mitelman Database of Chromosome Aberrations and Gene Fusions in Cancer relates cytogenetic changes and their genomic consequences, in particular gene fusions, to tumor characteristics, based either on individual cases or associations. All the data have been manually culled from the literature by Felix Mitelman in collaboration with Bertil Johansson and Fredrik Mertens.


The Cases Cytogenetics Searcher allows you to query the individual patient cases using fields such as the aberration, breakpoint, morphology, and topography. The Advanced Search option permits a more detailed search of the same individual patient cases by including more cytogenetic field choices and adding search fields for patient characteristics and references.
The calculated genomic imbalance data for each karyotype is now available, along with a feature to calculate the overall imbalances within the search result.

The Gene Fusions Searcher finds studies pertaining to gene rearrangements, in particular gene fusions, detected either as a consequence of cytogenetic aberrations or identified by sequencing. It does not search any of the individual patient cases. The chromosome abnormalities giving rise to gene fusions identified through RNA sequencing are by default designated as translocations (t), unless shown to arise by other types of chromosome rearrangements (del, dup, ins, inv).

The Clinical Associations Searcher searches studies pertaining to clinical associations of cytogenetic aberrations and/or gene rearrangements. It does not search any of the individual patient cases.

The Recurrent Chromosome Aberrations Searcher provides a way to search for structural and numerical abnormalities that are recurrent, i.e., present in two or more cases with the same morphology and topography.

The References Searcher queries only the references themselves, i.e., the references from the individual cases and the molecular biology and clinical associations.